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Short Article about how to change disk on software raid, hot and cold swap.

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i recently moved from apache2 to nginx on all my web servers. and feeling happy about that.

i would like to share configurations since , before and after the move i did load test on my blog and difference on performance was amazing.

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in case of somebody will have a issues on connecting multifunction all-in-one HP officejet 8500A to Speedport W 723V typ b, all you need to do its to downgrade the firmware from your router, old firmware can be downloaded from T-com site. only one that works its 1.11.000 (actual one is 1.24.000) spend today 3 hours until found solution , hope somebody who will read this would spend less

i think most that i want to write on this post is already tolden  in head :)but anyway

most people using laptops with “free” access points on fastfood points/ airports and other places.

most of this points have a limited traffic access to internet with lot of port filters.

but as a usual user with unsual ports :)i want always to access everyting from everywhere with same quality as from home

after searching in internet for solution trying my-freedom and other servies that giving only non full speed access i become to idea that its easier to have own VPN server running somewhere in cheep or almost free  hosting.

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itunes error -50 on sync
18 November 2010

heya few days ago got the issue with SYNC my iPhone with itunes on windows7, from 4 steps of sync its stops on 3 one and told me that there is error -50 after searching a lot on brave apple how to and speaking with customer care i understend that even they cant tell anything regarding this issue. and i start testings. main issue was on picture sync. after searching and reading blogs, i find out that iphone/ipad/ipod is not syncing your images but making some CACHE of them and syncing cached files only. ... Read More

Few days ago i get a chance to configure new windows 2008R2 on already working infrastructure with windows2003R2,

main goad was to create RODC (read only domain controller) within AD.

after starting the project i get few real interesting situations that want to share.

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its quite simple .. you need just to echo new hostname into /proc/sys/kernel/hostname for exmaple – echo $NEWHOSTNAME > /proc/sys/kernel/hostname logoff and login again to host but remeber to add the new hostname to /etc/hosts as well

If you have ever had a hard drive fail on a remote server you may remember the feeling you had after trying to issue the following commands:

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31 March 2010

tried to install last firmware 24sp2 from 10/10/09 on my Linksys WRT54GL, from start everything looks cool, system get update in 120 second after restart all old config was on place and put back the device to network, from few hours i find out that my cisco 2660 is losing the packages in the network and Sonicwall gateway reporting spoofing attacks. i done like everything that i can, change the switch , sonicwall port, disconnect all employers, but nothing helps. ... Read More

post is mainly for people who just find out that cant remember the root password from OpenWRT operation system thats running on their Linksys WRT54GL.

what you need to do :)?

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